Legacy Cargo Lift Features & Benefits

  • image description Lift more in less time with a 1,000-lb lifting capacity — optimized for speed.
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  • image description Lift a lot more at one time with our generous carriage size. » Read more.
  • image description Smoothly control your lift with our remote control, featuring soft starts and stops. » Read more.
  • image description Stainless steel driveline ensures long-lasting operation — we never use galvanized steel.
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  • image description Bronze driveline bearing prevents premature failure from frequent lifting.
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  • image description Strong, Italian-made gearbox is the best on the market— unlike cheaper counterparts from China on other lifts. » Read more.
  • image description Our cargo lifts are designed for your safety. » Read more.
  • image description Powerful 2.0 horsepower motor (100% more powerful than other lifts) that's resin-filled for long life. » Read more.
  • image description Reliable, finely-tuned limit switches make sure the lift always stops at the same position — even after years of wear. » Read more.
  • image description Strong structural components with I-beam masts being 5-1/8” (not 4” like other lifts) prevent flexing and instability. » Read more.
  • image description Rest easy knowing that a reliable brake is included standard on every lift. » Read more.
  • image description All stainless steel hardware means your lift is designed to last for the long haul.
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  • image description Designed to withstand the elements — even winds up to 150mph! »
  • image description Our cargo lifts are proudly manufactured in the USA. »

We're Serious About Safety

Safety and durability are our top priorities, which is why all Legacy Lifts® have dual masts and dual cables, as well as anti-skid flooring and control technology that ensures our lifts will stop gently in the same position, every time. Unlike single-mast models on the market, Legacy Lifts’® dual-mast design provides twice the stability and thus, twice the safety. We use dual stainless steel, aircraft-grade cables.

For even more safety, each cable has its own grooved cable winding path. These mechanisms protect the cables by ensuring that they never double-wrap, which, over time, can cause cables to wear and even fray. The cables on your Legacy Lift will always wind in a single layer. And, Legacy Lifts are Windstorm-certified to withstand winds up to 150 mph.


This safety device is an added feature for your lift. The mechanical brake engages and stops the basket within approximately two inches in the highly unlikely, but possible, failure of both lifting cables.


This safety device is mounted on the under side of the basket. If the basket contacts an object on its underside in the path of travel, this device stops the basket. You are able to raise the lift to remove the object, then continue down travel. It is strongly recommended that no object, pet or person ever be allowed to enter the path of the lift basket. This device is only intended to handle inadvertent objects that may be windblown.


This device provides an electronic light beam across the underside of the receiving structure as the lift moves to align with the structure. If an object in the basket shifts into this path and possibly interferes with the structure, the lift will be stopped when the light beam is interrupted.


When installed, electrical interlocks prevent the lift from operating unless the interlocked doors or receiving gates are securely latched. Furthermore, all interlocked doors and gates must remain locked when the lift is moving. When the lift has stopped at the selected level, the interlocked receiving gate or door will unlock; and, all other doors or gates will remain locked.

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Our cargo lift is wonderful. We recently got a new vehicle and found out we could program our Lift remote to our vehicle's garage door remote. Now, when we pull up to our camp, we can lower the Lift from our car, before we even get out. We think it's great! - Theresa Cooper, Grand Isle, LA
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DIY Lifts

Discounted DIY Lifts available.

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Our 5-Year Warranty

We’ve got you covered! Each Legacy cargo lift comes with a generous 5-year warranty on structural components, plus a 1-year warranty on electrical components.

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Install It Yourself!

Handy? Save big by installing your Legacy Lift yourself! Our DIY kit includes an easy-to- follow manual with clear step-by-step instructions and photos.

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